Bomefa 150 Library Shelving

Bomefa 150 Library Shelving

Whether you are creating a recreational reading room, an office resource-corner or an entire library interior, Bomefa 150 library shelving will prove an exceptional choice. Designed and manufactured to the same high standards as Bomefa 100 Plus, this attractive, versatile range brings appeal and openness to any library environment.
Defined by its stylish versatility, this four-post shelving system provides an aesthetically pleasing way of presenting a multitude of information media. Books, magazines, brochures and periodicals can be displayed in an accessible, eye-catching arrangement, as can CDs, DVDs, records and videos.

Bomefa 150 calmly combines great functionality with superior aesthetics. It offers frame-style upright shelving for a spacious feel; a two-tone double panel system that blends effortlessly into any environment; perforated panel displays; and a range of wooden designs for a classic-style interior.


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