City of London Academy

City of London Academy

The new City of London Academy in Bermondsey is bringing learning innovation and outstanding amenities to nearly 600, 11 – 19 year olds. The new library is at the heart of the modern, light and airy interior of one of the most modern schools in the country. Demco designed and supplied library furnishings to create a light, calm, user friendly learning environment that would last for years.

The brief

To create a sustainable learning environment.To provide shelving and furnishings that could be adapted as the Academy grows.

To design a user friendly learning environment.To design a modern, stylish interior that upheld the values of this new, forward thinking Academy. To create a library that promoted independent learning.

To create a library that would place a high priority on literacy and reading.

How we did it

Designed the library layout and specified Bomefa 150 shelving for its punched steel and high tech look.

Designed a perforated steel panel for the front of the Harlequin counter to ÔÇÿread’ with the Bomefa shelving.

Created a zoned informal reading area using beech seating and upholstered modular benching to make the best use of limited space.

Designed and specified furnishings that could be adapted and reconfigured to suit different uses.

Designed a layout to create personal and study space for students. Provided graphics showing young people enjoying the world of books and reading.

The outcome

Using high quality, enduring and flexible furnishings Demco created a library that could grow with the Academy’s expansion and retian a place as the physical and emotional hub of the school.



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