Counters and Pods

Counters and Pods

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The counter is a meeting place in a library ÔÇô a contact point for library staff and their public to meet. For this reason it is important that the counter design doesnÔÇÖt create any barriers, rather it should be inviting and accessible for both staff and users.

WeÔÇÖve been designing counters for many years adapting them to changes in style, working practices and the changing needs of libraries. Storage, IT usage, disabled access, durability, ergonomics and flexibility are all part of the design equation.

Our range of counters is one of the most comprehensive available. Matched with our expertise in helping you assess and analyse the demands your counter is going to have to meet, weÔÇÖll make sure you have a new counter to create the look you want and do the job you need.


Another great Demco project. Thanks for pics @chrissyboy102 #librarydesign

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