Coventry History Centre

Coventry History Centre

The Herbert Museum, Gallery and History Centre in Coventry is located in the shadows of the majestic Coventry Cathedral. Demco designed and furnished the interior of the History Centre which clearly demanded a different approach to other interior library spaces.

The rise in popularity of local history and genealogy has increased demand for places where people can research, report and revisit their past. David Bancroft, Visitor Services Manager at Coventry History Centre, believes visitors want a fully comprehensive service for easy movement between screen based research and more traditional ÔÇÿhard copy’ resources. Also important is staying close to staff for help with accessing historical information.
ÔÇ£Local history and genealogy were previously restricted to one type of search or resource but the internet has changed that. Now research is rarely just one-place-based, so being able to switch easily is very important and a good design will allow easy access back and forthÔÇØ says David Bancroft.

For this project, a range of resources had to be designed into quite a limited space, so good spatial planning was very important. With an even split between screen and print based research the Demco team ensured the space was not designed to the exclusion of one or the other.

ÔÇ£I think it would be dangerous to assume that everything is going to be screen based or digitised – you need bothÔÇØ adds David Bancroft. To make best use of the space and create areas for different uses, Demco designed a snake of shelving down the centre of the room which ÔÇÿzones’ areas but allows users to move freely across and between the spaces. Finally, David Bancroft: ÔÇ£We set out to achieve a discrete work space for visitors to the History Centre and that is exactly what we have.ÔÇØA video of the History Centre at The Herbert including sound bites from an interview with David Bancroft can be seen on our YouTube



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