Design Inspiration

Design Inspiration

Designing for the Future

Your design will be created by a specialist team whose members combine their understanding of innovation, listening, creativity and knowledge of the latest trends. The end result will be sustainableand successful spaces that are not only fit for purpose but inspiring, winning and welcoming.

Interpreting your needs

The team works diligently alongside architects, designers, contractors, RFID suppliers, library and educational authorities, furniture designers and developers plus, of course, Demco’s own sales and project teams, to breathe life into a simple sketch, a complex architectural drawing, a librarian’s vision or a teacher’s conceptual design.

Creating successful spaces

Design teams participate in monthly ÔÇÿdiscovery’ meetings where fresh developments, trends and products are discussed. These meetings provide an opportunity for our designers to share their own exciting new ideas. So whether you need creative social spaces, a genealogy zone, a caf├® area, archival storage or inspiring graphics, we have the solution for you.

Presenting solutions

From architectural plans and 3D perspectives to samples and mood boards, we will give you all the information you need to understand our proposal. Our design team can even sit down with you and carry out live design amendments in one of our unique, interactive design sessions.



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