Glasgow Nautical College Library

Glasgow Nautical College Library

The College of Nautical Studies, Glasgow, has traditionally been a provider of nautical and maritime studies, but a change of student base and a need to keep up with DDA requirements prompted a ┬ú150,000 refurbishment. Demco updated the 60’s interior of this traditional College library to create a modern and inviting space.

The brief

To create a library that moved away from traditional to a more vibrant, caf├® style.

To design and furnish a library that would meet the needs of a busy educational environment.

To create a space that would not only look smarter, but also, work harder.

To advise on colour schemes and materials to create an ultra modern space.

How we did it

Selected glass top study tables, red leather sofas and high workstations to create a vibrant space for students.

Used Cantilibra shelving with glass end panels to complement furnishings and add to the contemporary feel of the library.

Provided large glass top study tables which have proved popular with students and lecturers for group study sessions.

Ensured that the library is now accessible for disabled users.

Designed and provided graphics to communicate the new College corporate image and branding – Widening Horizons.

Used graphics to create artworks on the vibrant red feature walls.

Designed and manufactured bespoke laptop workstations.

The Outcome

The College has carried out focus groups with students and has received excellent feedback about the library.

Overall a more inviting, relaxing space for looking and working smarter.



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