PromoTripod Displayer

PromoTripod Displayer

This three-sided, three-tier tower is perfect for combining display of ÔÇÿquick pickÔÇÖ titles with practical shelf space for additional capacity. This larger footprint display unit has presence and practicality, perfect for ‘impulse’ loans.

Available finished┬áin a range of selected ‘Promo’ paint┬ácolours, and supplied with acrylics and header sign for added versatility, and galvanised finished plinth at base for durability.
Dimensions –
Overall height – 1225mm
Width (Front shelves, usable width) - 409mm
Footprint┬á(Maximum overall width) – ┬á668mm
Shelf height spacing┬á – 365/360/300mm


Another great Demco project. Thanks for pics @chrissyboy102 #librarydesign

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