School Primary Design Brochure

School Primary Design Brochure

New brochure for primary school library design beginners

Demco Interiors has published an online brochure-guide specifically for anyone wanting to get started on designing and furnishing a small school library or classroom reading room space.


Michaela Lancaster, Design Manager, Demco Interiors said: ÔÇ£The brochure is targeted at anyone who may need some ideas for an up and coming project. We know that getting started is sometimes the hardest part, so we have produced this new brochure to give some first stage ideas on designs and costs. We are still on hand to give more advice and guidance, if required, but the brochure helps anyone get over that first hurdle of staring at a blank sheet of paperÔÇØ.



Packed full of design and furnishings ideas plus some sample layouts to help with space planning in easy to follow colour coded, priced packages. The sample packages come in three prices and sizes and show exactly what can be achieved with each.


Michaela adds: ÔÇ£It quite simply saves anyone involved in a project having to wade through supplier brochures, phone up for prices, carry out complex measuring and space planning. It’s a light touch approach to getting goingÔÇØ.


Feedback to the brochure has been very positive: ÔÇ£It gives a good starting point for developing an ideaÔÇØ, ÔÇ£gives you the opportunity to compose a rough estimate of what can be achievedÔÇØ and ÔÇ£I like the informal and supportive tone. I understand the proposition including the fact that I can still call on help if my requirements are more complexÔÇØ.


The flip book brochure can be viewed at:




1 July 2014

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Editorial information: Jane Grimwood, 01525 852003



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