The Forum Southend

The Forum Southend

The Forum, a four storey, multi-million pound integrated public and academic library, is now open in Southend, Essex.  The project is a joint venture between Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, the University of Essex and South Essex College.


Demco won the tender for the shelving and the childrenÔÇÖs library. Marion Brooke, Operations Manager, Southend Borough Council said: ÔÇ£The Demco tender presentation just stood out from the rest, it had the WOW factor and they were really in tune with what we were thinkingÔÇØ.


DemcoÔÇÖs experience on working on another combined public and academic library – The Hive, Worcester, showed their expertise in designing and installing shared services spaces.┬á The Forum team also visited Norwich, Brighton and Peckham libraries.


A much talked about feature of the new space is the childrenÔÇÖs library.┬á Marion Brooke, was very complimentary about DemcoÔÇÖs involvement: “The feature in the childrenÔÇÖs library looks fantastic. I shall have no hesitation in recommending Vivien and Demco to anyone else; the help and co-operation has been excellent and the layout for the childrenÔÇÖs library definitely has the ÔÇÿWow!ÔÇÖ factor. Everyone is amazed by it ÔÇô thank you for such a brilliant jobÔÇØ


Angela Breakey, Library Manager sees the childrenÔÇÖs library as an important part of the libraryÔÇÖs reader development programme, ÔÇ£these children are our readers of tomorrow.ÔÇØ


The Demco white Promo and clad Cantilibra shelving make extra impact with a range of graphic end panels and clever layouts creates zones and casual seating areas.


With 150,000 books to be incorporated into the space, planning and logistics were key and the teams admit that ÔÇÿit became a way of lifeÔÇÖ.┬á But the end result is a library that is open seven days a week and is buzzing with students and the public.

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