University of Chichester

University of Chichester

The second phase of the University of Chichester, Bishop Otter Campus, Learning Resource Centre refurbishment is now complete with students using the new quiet study space.

Demco Interiors was contracted to consult on the overall design, based on a two year phased programme, and to supply shelving and some of the furnishings.

Working closely with the Architect, the brief was to create a ÔÇ£vibrant, alive, jollyÔÇØ interactive space with small group study areas centred in booths and semi casual soft furnishings that could be used for relaxed study.

With a large amount of stock to accommodate shelving takes up a large part of the available space but with careful space planning and Demco’s finely engineered Mode shelving, the area has an open, airy feel with clear sightlines and easy navigation around the floor.

Anna O’Neill, Library Services Manager, University of Chichester said: “: ÔÇ£Demco had an instant understanding of what we wanted. They understood the practicalities of designing a library space and could use their experience to advise us. They have been very helpful, with good design ideasÔÇØ.


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