Whiterock Library, Belfast

Whiterock Library, Belfast

Libraries in Belfast are resisting national falls in membership, due to the completion of a modernisation programme, funded by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL) and carried out by the AmeyFMP consortium.


The first phase involved the refurbishment of Whiterock Library, Shankill Road Library and Falls Road Library delivered under the Belfast Schools Strategic Partnership. Sarah Marshall, Project Manager for AmeyFMP, said: ÔÇ£Amey project-managed the refurbishment projects which were successfully delivered by AmeyFMP within tight budget and time constraints.ÔÇØ


The brief for the refurbishment was to provide a modern and sustainable library service to the local community, for all age groups. This has been achieved with the new library interior and layout, which is bespoke to each library site, providing zones for different services which each have an individual look and feel through the use of colour, furniture and graphics.


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