Wollaston Community Primary School

Wollaston Community Primary School

Demco designs stand out from the rest – Funkier, brighter, more imaginative

Wollaston Community Primary School dates from 1875 and caters for 311 children, age 4-11 years. The school is characterised by a traditional English village setting with its red brick walls and pitched slate roof style of the Victorian era. Now it has a fabulous new funky library which is the final part of the phased development to bring a new school hall and classrooms to the site.


Demco Interiors were chosen by the school to develop a design for the library which has relocated to the old school hall. Jean Buttell, School Business Manager said: ÔÇ£The new library is contextually so much better – it is now at the very heart of the school and is transformed from its gloomy, unwelcoming former life to a bright, fun, motivating centre of activity. Demco’s designs just stood out from the rest. Steve Beasant listened to what we had to say and his ideas were, how can I say, funkier, brighter, more imaginative than the other suppliers.ÔÇØ


Steve Beasant added: ÔÇ£The challenge was to create a library that wouldn’t be lost in the vast Victorian hall with very high ceilings. So we creatively planned a space-within-a-space so that it doesn’t feel cavernous or overwhelming for young children. We also had to consider the most effective way of concealing old, existing pipework by transforming it into seating and storage spaces. Plus also giving the school plenty of storage space for reading schemes and other library related items. With the practicalities of the space sorted we could then think about giving the school a bright, white funky theme that would add a modern aesthetic to a traditional spaceÔÇØ.


A destination den with bean bags gives children some quiet or theme time. Furnishings in bright, jelly bean colours stand out against the white, modern shelving, a style that is used in many new, award winning, public libraries. Straight, double sided bays of shelving are designed around the perimeter to contain the space, so the library is bright and airy but also nurturing and welcoming. The much loved, multi use, amphitheatre seating is one of Demco’s most popular products and a fun favourite with all children.


Another feature, specific to this project, is the offset shelving to house reading scheme box files. Steve explains: ÔÇ£The library holds the school’s Reading Schemes which are filed in traditional box files. We finely tuned the perimeter shelving, so that the outward face is slightly offset, to give the bays enough width to house these deep box files. These bays are complete with flat doors, with modern inset handle-grips, that sit flush to the bay structure maintaining the cool clean line that was so important to the overall aesthetic.ÔÇØ


Jean Buttell had one particular request for Steve to design into the space; a display case for school logs, dating back to 1875 and old school images from the 50’s and 60’s. She said: ÔÇ£Displaying these beautiful log books and photos is a great way for the children to see and understand what the school used to be like. They are a piece of history and part of the school’s narrativeÔÇØ


Jean has also taken the opportunity of teaching an old skill, which has seen a recent surge in popularity; she holds a weekly knitting club in the new library and believes that it is a skill that once learned will stay with the children for life.


This really is a project that brings together new and old. A grown up library for children.


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1 December 2014


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